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Galax CofC Entry

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History of the Galax
Ships of the Domain

Q-Dexes of the Domain

Primean Zone
T/411.1531/8xx.890(O) Vessel (Matter Nodal)
M/725.3124/10xx.61 Personal Force (Life Bipolar)

Galaxean Zone
T/974.0000/3xx.090(O) Atomic (Charged Matter Linear)
M/000.0000/000.61 Aberrant (Null Zone)

Stellar Cartography

Class VII/VIII Non-human Xenoform

See Codex Extract for more info.

Kalikari Informational Database

Catalog of Lost Contacts

StarShield Memorial by IMEG


Collaborative Projects

Sesth IV Ring Complex
Kwoshime Fighting Academy
StarTreader Cruise Lines
Treaty of Sentient Rights
Rights of Living Agreement


United Arthurian Alliance
Alliance of Enlightened Traditionalists

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